1. Still during a interview for My Oil Boom Boy project 2014


  4. Another day in the life, working in The Bakken Oil Fields.

  5. Tattoos of a Sioux Native, oil field worker. New Town, ND

  6. Image of a oil field worker, inspecting a frac sand dome. 

  7.  Photography has opened a huge door of opportunity for myself. Once I picked up the camera the days of being scared and incompetent  were over. I spent a lot of time as a kid exploring what I wanted to do. I knew it would be something that could change or help the world. When I was thirteen I thought that it would be the military. I wanted to travel and fight against forces that would harm others.

     The camera serves, it is a tool that can help others understand life and the things that are around us. Sometimes its difficult to understand why it is we need images. But for me its to give people the chance to communicate. These project have really helped me understand what it is I am actually doing. The people and situation is the ultimate goal. 

  8. I just got back scouting the North Dakota Maah Daay Hey Trail. It was a huge and beautiful place. I loved that camping was so wide spread and that you could explore the trails by horse, bike or foot. 

  9. SInce March of this year I have been working, living and documenting young men working in The Bakken oil fields. It has been a challenge taking the images I want but with some help from some media friends I hope to soon get the opportunity to take portraits of men young and old on the riggs.