1. The Last Day: We found this awesome place to set camp on our fourth day hiking. Right on the side of a mountain, leveled to a lake; “Flat Head Lake”. 

  2. Field Note 2: I felt more a live than ever staring into the woods. The sound, smell and cold breeze hitting my face just put all things in perspective. 

    Field Note 3: On our way to Hungary Horse, we were told that this would be the best place to capture the Blood Moon as well as the Milkey Way. We head up the road and got to the point where we cold only see snow. Trying to move threw it on 4 wheel drive we get stuck. Lucky! A couple of guys on Snow Mobiles came down the mountain to give us a tow.

  3. Field Note 1: Headed out on the road to North West Montana, to backpack at Glacier National Park. We knew the weather was going to be a little bad, but when we got there it was way worse than we thought. Getting supply’s and trying to minimize are gear we were ready for our 4 day trip.

  4. Just got back from a 4 day backpacking trip in West Montana at a place called Glacier National Park. I will post more field notes and images of this exploration. 

  6. Screen shot of Adam Buran, from a video taken today about operating a Track Mobile. 

  7. Some random “night shots” taken in North Dakota. 

  8. Yesterday I spent the whole day hiking and doing a bit of filming of the National Mount Rushmore Memorial. 

  9. Had a couple of days off, so a friend and I head south for some time on the road. After six hours of driving we arrived in South Dakota, MT. Rushmore were we will be doing some hiking in the Black Hills.

  10. There are a lot of animals that are abandon in the oil boom towns of North Dakota. This one stood out from the others, she followed me threw the night and watched as workers moved train cars and loaded frac sand. A lot of animals once or never had homes. This one most likely had a home but either escaped or was dumped. Locals call these animals res dogs, because most of them live around Indian reservations. With the lack of animal protection agencies or shelters these animals are left to survive in freezing temperatures.